Blood Testing

Blood Testing

  • We offer a variety of blood testing at an affordable price.
  • Many blood test require a 8-12 hour fast.
  • Blood testing is by appointment only.
  • Labs are collected and sent to Clinician Reference Laboratory for testing.
  • Results in about 2-3 business days.

Individual Labs

  • PSA $37.00 prostate specific antigen used to detect prostate cancer.
  • TSH $29.00 thyroid stimulating hormone used to evaluate the thyroid function.
  • CBC $24.00 complete blood count is used as a broad screening test to check for anemia, infections, and many other diseases.
  • CMP $26.00 comprehensive metabolic profile includes kidney and liver functions, diabetes, calcium, iron and more.
  • Glucose $26.00 aids in the diagnosis of diabetes.
  • Lipid Panel $26.00 lipids/cholesterol is used to determine the risk for coronary heart disease.

Grouped Labs

Additional labs and pricing available, please call for more information.


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